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Standardized Display Board


Twin-X, 3-Color Display Board


Twin-X Product Features

  1. Animation function of various images with twice the brightness of the existing display boards
  2. Upon inserting texts, the result of such action can be determined through a ring tone
  3. With use of semiconductor LED, product life is half-permanent and maintenance fee is low
  4. Easy to insert texts or modify the graphics via remote controller
  5. The visualizing texts can be diversely altered on site in accordance with the consumers’ requests. 
  6. Replacing the contents is easy, and it can be changed as often as one desires. Installations are extremely simple making it useful for those switching business types.
  7. More than 7,000 letters can be inserted with your choice from over 100 expressive techniques including assorted font types, English, Japanese, special characters. Offers time functions and above all it is extremely thin and light at 5cm.
  8. Price is inexpensive (monthly electricity bill at KRW 900). Compatible with 110V ~ 220V


Useful in the following industries: real estate, glasses retailer, hair salon, pharmacy, franchised retailers, churches, interior shops, jewelry shops, high-end diners, buffets, pubs, wedding halls, karaoke, academies, electronics retailers, mobile shops, gas stations, discount stores, promotional purposes for other businesses and more. 



X-Motion (Full Color Display Board)

PC Compatible (world’s first) and has 2-layer remote control. It is a perfect substitute for the existing basic 3 color text display board as it reduces investment costs while maximizing publicity and applied effects. 


X4 Product Features:

  1. Patent registered for 2-layer remote controller and video display functions
  2. 16,000,000 full colors with light intensity adjustments (Control up to 4~5 row)
  3. Complete video with RAM fitting 10 minute display videos, 100 photos and images, special characters
  4. Supports complete videos and improved remote controller’s receiver


Production of Customized Products (232/320/420/480 mm module unit) 


Application of Video Display Board

  1. Combining 2 rows X 16 columns with 1 row X 16 columns to yield larger displays
  2. Moreover, the 1 row X 16 columns display was used to display text messages, while the 2 rows X 16 columns delivers visuals and 1.5T (Black Galvanized Steel Frame) was used to keep the display board’s elegant look.

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