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Rental Business

  BEAM Projector LED Display Board
Atmosphere (Light) Dependent of vicinity atmosphere and light conditions Independent from near-by atmosphere
Resolution Not clear and crisp, and gets blurrier Dynamic and lively
Price &
Operating Expenses
Low initial costs, but high maintenance fees ultimately leading towards high costs Comparably higher initial cost, but operation fees are lower
Durability Requires lamp and accessories periodically, and therefore incurs high costs Outstanding durability, low maintenance fee and environmental friendly
Product Life Short life cycle and requires a replacement in couple of years Long life cycle, almost half-permanent
Other Merits Unable to find significant advantages when compared to LED display boards aside from the fact that it requires lower initial investment is perceived to be the ECO item in the Green industry, and uses very large scale of semiconductor elements allowing it to respond rapidly


“Comtel Sign offers the installation of LED Display Boards at free of charge during our special event period!”


We sincerely thank every single one of our customers for their support and interests. We are offering free installations of LED Display Boards in your wedding halls and churches only during the special event as our little gift back to the community.


Features of Special Event

  1. Dense module at Pich 5mm range
  2. After sales are available at free of charge during the event
  3. Free LED display board installation


Duration of Special Event

  1. Out of Capital
  2. Achievement of installing all 100 selected wedding halls

*Event ends at the earlier occurrence of the above options


Inch Standards Millimeter (mm) Standards)
100 Inch 2210 X 1240
150 3320 X 1868
200 4480 X 2560
250 5530 X 3110
300 6641 X 3735

*Customized production is available upon request

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